Jeste li punoljetni?

Osobama mlađim od 18 godina zakon zabranjuje konzumiranje alkohola.

About us

A story rooted in the past, focused on the future

The goal of the creator of Wise Grus was to present rakija on foreign markets and make it recognizable far beyond our borders. To popularize rakija internationally, an international name was chosen: Wise Grus – which translates to ‘wise crane.’ Magical, long-lived, mysterious, everything that a crane represents. Traditional, full of character, domestic, everything that a rakija should be. Elegant, balanced, and remarkable, everything that a brand can be – Wise Grus.

Aesthetics and style

A top-quality product with an attractive appearance and flavor

Unique flavors

Carefully selected flavors translated into an unforgettable experience

Local varieties

By using locally sourced ingredients, we create a distinctive beverage with a strong character

The taste of tradition

The unique taste of tradition poured into a glass of premium rakija

Tradition with style

We bring together the best of tradition, recipe, technology, and history

Wise Grus is a unique product based on experience and high aesthetic values, encompassing the best of tradition, recipe, technology, and history. Wise Grus rakija offers you the opportunity to enjoy traditional drinks from the Slavonian plains in a new, modern guise adapted to the growing trend of sophisticated alcoholic beverages.

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