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Our liqueurs

The unique taste of tradition translated into Wise Grus liqueurs

Wise Grus proudly presents its exclusive line of liqueurs, a true delight for every palate that appreciates unique flavors and tradition in every sip. In our collection, three irresistible liqueurs stand out – Sour Cherry Liqueur, Williams Pear Liqueur, and Blueberry Liqueur – each created with care and dedication to provide you with an unforgettable taste experience. The Sour Cherry Liqueur, deeply rooted in our tradition, has become a favorite in every home, especially in the heart of Slavonia. Enjoy this perfect aperitif with a rich aroma of cherries, enriched with delicate notes of marzipan in the taste, and a refreshing touch of fresh cherries. The Williams Pear Liqueur is a true delight for enthusiasts of luxurious aromas.

The velvety note of ripe pears perfectly blends with the premium distillate of Williams pears, creating a sensational taste experience and an exceptional aroma. Immerse yourself in the freshness of forest fruit with our Blueberry Liqueur, which stands out with an irresistible color and the freshness of its scent. The gentle acidity adds exceptional harmony to this liqueur, making it a perfect aperitif for any occasion. Indulge in every sip that will enchant you with its sophisticated note, allowing it to take you on a journey through top-notch elegance and hedonism. Experience the pleasure in every sip with the Wise Grus collection of liqueurs – where tradition meets the modern challenges of the palate, creating an unforgettable taste experience.


Cherry liqueur has long been associated with our tradition and is a favorite in every home, especially in Slavonija. The rich aroma of cherries with subtle almond notes in the taste, accompanied by the freshness of cherries, makes this liqueur an exceptional aperitif. Serve it slightly chilled at 8 to 10°C.


Pear Williams liqueur is undoubtedly a unique delight. The velvety and luxurious aroma of ripe pears blends with the premium distillate of Williams pears, creating a pleasure of taste and an extraordinary fragrance. We suggest trying it slightly chilled at a temperature of 8 to 10°C.


Blueberry liqueur stands out with a seductive color and the freshness of forest fruit aroma with a gentle acidity that gives this liqueur exceptional harmony. As such, it is an excellent aperitif that we recommend serving slightly chilled at 8 to 10°C and indulging in every sip.