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Corporate gifts

Enjoy the irresistible flavors of Wise Grus brandy in premium gifts.

With Wise Grus corporate gifts, indulging in premium spirits becomes even more elegant and memorable. Our brandy, crafted from locally sourced ingredients and based on a traditional recipe, is the perfect drink for bold individuals who know how to enjoy life. Our gift packages not only include our premium brandy but also elegant glasses that will further accentuate their allure and style. If you’re truly a connoisseur of quality alcoholic beverages, our packages will not disappoint. Choose between packages with small bottles of 0.05l, a 0.7l bottle, or a package that even includes cigars and booklets. Our products are based on experience, high aesthetic values, and the tradition of technology and history, providing award-winning brandy with international acclaim. Purchasing Wise Grus brandy gift packages is a splendid way to reward yourself or your loved ones with a premium product that exudes style, quality, and tradition. Raise our glass, savor the carefully selected flavors, and rest assured that you’ve chosen only the best.

Gift package #1

Brandy gift in a box

Surprise your loved ones with the exclusive Brandy Gift in a Box package! This package comes with premium brandy of your choice in a 0.7l bottle, packaged in a beautiful gift box. Two types of boxes are available, customized to your taste. This gift will surely delight enthusiasts of quality brandy and further please them with the careful packaging in an elegant box.

Gift package #2


The perfect gift for connoisseurs of premium brandy. This package includes two elegant glasses and six small bottles of brandy, each 0.05l. Each bottle is filled with premium brandy that will enchant you with its character and traditional flavor. Choose this package for pleasant gatherings with friends and family or as a gift for special individuals.
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Gift package #3


The Gold package includes two elegant glasses and a bottle of premium brandy, 0.7l. The brandy is made from locally grown ingredients and crafted according to a traditional recipe. This brandy will enchant you with its rich and distinctive flavor, making it a perfect addition to your home. Choose this package as a gift for brandy enthusiasts or as a special treat for your alcohol collection.

Gift package #4


The DELICIOUS package provides a complete gourmet experience with a premium 0.7 liter liqueur of your choice, an elegant WG glass, and the addition of delicious WG apricot and plum jams. This gift is perfect for those who enjoy fine alcoholic beverages and delicacies.
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Gift package #5


The Platinum package is a perfect choice for all lovers of premium brandy and cigars. The package includes two elegant glasses, a 0.7l bottle of brandy, three cigars, tasty chocolate pralines, and a booklet about Wise Grus brandies. Wise Grus brandy is produced from locally grown ingredients and made according to a traditional recipe, while the cigars are carefully selected to complement the experience of enjoying a premium drink. Choose this package as a gift for special occasions or as an addition to your collection of premium alcoholic beverages.

Gift package #6


This extraordinary BUSINESS package, carefully crafted for business partners and enthusiasts of sophisticated style, includes a 0.7l bottle of selected premium brandy, two selectively chosen cigars, a pair of chosen WG glasses, and a Parker ballpoint pen. This gift radiates business elegance, perfect for serious connoisseurs of premium brandies who appreciate excellence enriched with business charm.
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Gift package #7


The EXCLUSIVE package represents the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, designed for true connoisseurs. This exclusive set includes four selected premium brandies of 0.7 ml of your choice, accompanied by two premium cigars, a sophisticated cigar cutter - all in a premium black, wooden suitcase. This exceptional combination makes the EXCLUSIVE package an irresistible choice for those seeking a premium experience in the world of fine spirits with a touch of unmatched luxury.