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Osobama mlađim od 18 godina zakon zabranjuje konzumiranje alkohola.

Double gold and silver at the largest and most prestigious competition in the world of alcoholic beverages

Wise Grus, a renowned producer of alcoholic beverages, shined at the largest and most prestigious competition in the world of alcoholic beverages – the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


This event brings together top experts from the industry who passionately evaluate and recognize the quality of beverages from around the world. At this prestigious competition, Wise Grus has won new medals – double gold and silver.

Double gold for Barrique Grape Brandy

The exceptional Barrique Grape Brandy has been awarded double gold, which is an exceptional recognition of skill and dedication for Wise Grus. Loza Barrique represents a premium blend of tradition and modern approach in grape brandy production. This special brandy offers incredible complexity of flavors and refined aroma, which delighted the judging panel.

By combining two grape varieties, Graševina and Chardonnay, this brandy showcases a robust character. The aromas and flavors of fresh grapes are complemented by the scents of herbs and vanilla acquired through aging in Slavonian oak barrels. The oak tannins give this brandy a golden amber color.

Silver for Plum Brandy

At this prestigious competition, Wise Grus won a silver medal for their premium Plum Brandy. This exceptional recognition confirms the excellence of their distillation techniques and careful selection of the finest plum fruits.

This brandy is characterized by aromas and flavors of dried plums, cinnamon, and biscuit with delicate hints of bitter almond. Through maturation in Slavonian oak barrels, this brandy obtains a golden-yellow color and a full-bodied flavor that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Evidence of outstanding quality

The judging panel, composed of the most esteemed and experienced experts in the industry, plays a crucial role in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Their knowledge and expertise ensure that only the finest products are recognized and awarded. Therefore, the medals won by Wise Grus are a testament to the exceptional quality of their brandies.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition proudly holds the title of the largest and most prestigious spirits competition in the world. Participation and success in this competition represent the pinnacle for every producer and demonstrate excellence and product quality.

Wise Grus can proudly showcase their medals and continue to build their reputation as one of the high-quality and recognizable Croatian producers of alcoholic beverages on the global stage.